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Push Forward Wholeheartedly, Make the Best Haosen VI Promotion Ambassador Event Summary and Awards

2018-12-21 10:30:21

The new version of Haosen VI system has been fully in use for six months. From the stun of Haosen red at the unveiling of new LOGO, to now the full application of various VI elements in the work, with the efforts of every Haosener, Haosen's new VI system is playing an increasingly important role in spreading the management concept of Haosen, expanding the popularity of Haosen, and shaping the brand image of Haosen. This is closely related to the heartful treatment of each Haosener, and it is also inseparable from the efforts of our more than 20 VI ambassadors.


On 20th of December, the VI promotion ambassador event summary and awarding ceremony was officially held in the conference room in No.6 building. During the whole process of the new VI promotion, the ambassadors are the tough links for the successful implementation of the VI system in the production activities, the main pivot for the communication and coordination of all departments and an important bridge for the accurate transfer of information. We summarized the actions and contributions made by the ambassadors during the past period from the aspects of work clothes specifications, leaflet printing, conference convening, departmental publicity, and logo posting.


The management executive director of Haosen Company, Dong Bo, participated and delivered a speech. She said that she paid close attention from the beginning of the VI promotion ambassador event, and the efforts and achievements of the ambassadors in the Haosen new VI update process are obvious to all. After the speech, Director Dong presented awards to the outstanding ambassadors and took a group photo.


From the official establishment of VI ambassador system on 25th of June, to today's temporary end, from the early summer, late autumn to the midwinter, the due diligence of the 23 VI ambassadors for more than six months is an important link to ensure the continuous deepening of the Haosen new VI upgrade. They have distributed thousands of tips in the heat of this summer, and they have also played a prominent role in providing many new VI materials such as work clothes. In the office and the workshop, you may not have noticed the timely replacement of the logos on the Kanban, the troubleshooting and immediate update of many template files are in all their hands.


While doing their own work well, they participate in various meetings involving VI in a timely manner, and complete many tasks and spot checks that might be arranged and distributed at the meeting. No matter on a business trip or returning from overtime work, they always send back the photos in time, forward the files on time, and ensure the correct delivery of each material.

It is this kind of diligence and hard work that makes VI promotion in-depth and effective in all departments. It is their full cooperation, taking actions to ensure the smooth progress of all work, timely feedback according to the specific situation, which really put the VI upgrade into practice. Everything the ambassadors did made it possible for the smooth promotion of the new version of the Haosen VI system. They also used the action to show the Hearty, Hard and Honest, which represented the touching glory of Haosen H.

The Haosen VI promotion ambassador event has come to an end now, but the construction, promotion and application of the new version of the VI system will continue, because the establishment of the Haosen brand is a long-term project, and 23 ambassadors alone are not enough. It requires the consistency of implementation and execution of every Haosener. This is the basis for the stable spread of the core value of the Haosen brand. It is also the obligation of the Haosener to be proud of and to fulfill. Let us engraved the Haosen red which symbolize passion, creation and vitality in the depths of our memory, and let the Haosen spirit of pursuing excellence, never stop to inspire us to move forward, towards POWER THE FUTURE all the way!

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