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A Way Leading To Prosperity

2017-04-12 15:00:00

    On April 12th, with sakura bursting into bloom, rich smell of spring greeted Haosen facility. GFE Hybrid Transmission assembly line New technology Seminar and Roll Off Ceremony was ceremoniously held in Dalian Haosen.

    The seminar in the morning drew attention of leaders and guests from SAIC-GM, Chang An Ford, Great Wall and CHSTEC who actively responded to this grand event and joined the ceremony. Their presence graced the seminar venue.

    Haosen President presented the warmest greeting and the wonderful speech, following which the seminar started. The seminar targeted GFE transmission product and its new technology for equipment to make a deep discussion.

    GFE Hybrid Transmission Roll Off Ceremony was ceremoniously held in Dalian Haosen assembly workshop. Honorable leaders and guests from SAIC-GM, Chang An Ford, Great Wall and CHSTEC gathered with us, jointly witnessing such an exciting and profound event. Apparently, Haosen employees coming from Project Management Dept., Mechanical and Electrical Dept., Assembly Dept. unlikely missed this important activity and they actively joined it in order to get as close as they could to experience the pride, to share the honor and delight.

    As an important part of new energy products, hybrid transmission has always fascinated and been advocated by our central government and entire society, which represents the orientation of automotive development. Besides, GFE transmission means significantly to Haosen   company that has been raised to a higher level in terms of both process development and technological innovation, foreseeing a limitless future.

    Belief motivates dream, endeavor creates future. People in Haosen have boundless potential and endless ambition. As long as we unite in manner of seriousness and modesty to make every effort down-to-earth, there is no need to long for future prosperity, as we have already been walking on this way.


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